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A Day in the Life of Maritza Munzón!


I start my day by ignoring my alarm; yes this can be dangerous, I have definitely slept through a class or two in the past. I’m the kind of person that can sleep through an earthquake… no literally-it happened once. Over the years I have learned to have multiple alarms go off at different times; when I would like to get up- 6:30am, when I need to get up -7:15am, and when I need to leave the house -7:50. This system works for me now, each and every morning my body begrudgingly accepts the fact that it must get up and do things again. In my efforts to try and stay healthy, I have been trying to develop a habit of getting up around sunrise to walk, hence the 6:30am alarm, this doesn’t always work but when it does it’s a good feeling. Whether I go for a walk or not, I always make myself a green smoothie, a black tea and a snack to take with me to campus; then head off to class.

8:00 am -On any given morning, I am either; in class, or catching up on e-mails/readings. Mid-morning I usually have a meeting to go too, lately I have been meeting with different offices and professors on campus to discuss a couple of ongoing projects. One project is looking at intercultural competence and how to better prepare students when they do practicums abroad. The other project is related to domestic diversity at MIIS, and how to better serve under represented students. Both projects evolved out of the classroom experience but are now side projects that have nothing to do with my course load. Yes this is definitely extra work on my plate, why would I do that to myself might you ask…? Well, I wanted to take it slow this semester after enrolling in 22 units last spring, but I apparently don’t know the meaning of slow. Though I only enrolled in 12 units this time around (that’s all I’m allowed to take now); I am also working at Student Services, and I’m trying to get more involved with student clubs. Honestly I’m just trying to take advantage of my time here, even if it means losing a bit of sleep because of it, there is change in the air and I’m excited to be a part of it!

11:00am – After my meeting I put on my other hat, apartment manager for the family business, currently we have a vacancy and it’s my job to post it, review application, and talk to potential tenants. If anyone feels like moving to Clovis CA, give me a call.

12:00 pm -This is where my snack come in handy, I head off to a group meeting for marketing and recruitment group, the meeting usually goes on for an hour or two. I’m excited to be working for a client who is recruiting first generation student to study abroad, which is something I hope to be doing in my career.

2:00pm – Lunch time! I like to go home to eat, now that I only live two blocks from campus it’s easy to do that. Lunch usually means heating up left overs, or putting something together to eat during my qualitative analysis group meeting.

4:30pm – I head home to get a snack and get ready for my 5:30pm yoga class over at MPC, I swear that yoga keeps me sane, I always make an efforts to incorporate it into my schedule.

7:00 pm – After yoga I usually have another group meeting for my class on developing intercultural trainings or for the Fall Festival preparations, the Diversity Committee is working on having activities to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, these meetings also go on for an hour or two. In Planning for Dia de los Muertos, I learned how to face paint, make sugar skulls and design the alter. I forgot how much I miss having a creative outlet, this has definitely been the most fun I’ve had this semester!

9:00pm – I’m usually back home around this time and I’m starving, I’ll heat up some more left overs or have some cereal for dinner. While I eat I like to watch an episode of The Daily Show and/or Colbert report as a way to give myself a mental break from school, get a bit of news and most importantly incorporate some laughter into my day.

After dinner I check to see what readings I have to do for the following day and attempt to do them or at least get a general idea of what they are about. I’m usually in bed by midnight and tend to exchange a couple of messages with my sister, who is currently studying in China, before finally calling it a night.

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