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A Day in the Life of Alison Woods!

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When I was teaching English in Japan, the idea of “ESID” (Every situation is different) was drummed in to us. No two people have lived the same experiences. When I was asked to write about a typical day at MIIS, I was flooded with many of great memories, and didn’t know exactly which one to focus on. I’ve decided to take on the idea of EDMD: Every day in Monterey is different!

During the nearly four hundred days that I have been living in Monterey, I have been welcomed into a world-renowned program while drinking in the beauty of the Golden State Theater; been forced to question my language abilities; spent what felt like forever looking for housing; joined the Feminine MIIStique women’s soccer team; sold baked goods galore at the team’s fundraisers; trained for a half-marathon; doubted my language abilities again; cried; attended a lecture on the mental status of mass murderers; become an “expert” on Latin American oil fields, artificial reproductive technology, climate change, etc.; flexed my intellect at Mucky Duck trivia; received through hard lessons that interpreting is more than just having strong second language skills; completed the Big Sur Half Marathon; enjoyed Sierra Nevada; ate pizza and veggie plates at the Social Hours; danced salsa and bachata with the Latin Dance Club; tried foods I had never heard of at the International Festival; had a running countdown to the end of the semester; started taking my own cup to any social occasion; laughed at Fall Follies; perfected my elevator pitch; questioned my future; simultaneously interpreted a speech by President Barack Obama; translated documents for a homeless shelter and a Canadian national park; laughed at the hijinks of sea lions; cooed at the Harbor Seal pups; hiked numerous state parks; got a free coffee for filling out my punch card at Trieste;  reviewed my consecutive interpretation symbols more times than I would like to admit; started a countdown to graduation; been to a film festival where I learned that everything I eat is trying to kill me; learned to never leave the house without my “Be the Solution” bag; read every Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica that the library has from cover to cover; and enjoyed many beach bonfires while making a lot of great friends. Now that my time at MIIS is winding down, I realize that EDMD will lead up to the next day that I am looking forward to telling you about: GRADUATION!

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