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A Day in the Life of Angie Stevens!


I woke up at 6:45 today. Like most mornings, my husband is still asleep. If I had him follow me to Monterey, the least I can do is let him sleep for another hour.

I get ready and I think about my plan for the day. I have to juggle between a couple of different roles- I am a student, a work-study and a tour guide. There are also a couple of errands I have to run in the afternoon.

I get out of the car at 7:50. The air is crisp and it is a beautiful Spring morning. The fact that it is only February does make me happy that I moved from Oregon. I got here early because I have to setup the room for my group meeting- we will be Skyping with potential client for one of my International Education Management classes. The meeting was extended into an internal meeting so that we may brainstorm. I appreciate the fact that this is a project I could actually do in my career.

I had to dash out at 9:55- I work at the Office of Admissions at MIIS. The work I do there greatly complements what I learn in class. I was supposed to start at 8 but had to make room in my schedule for the group meeting. From 10AM to 1PM, I make application folders- we got 80 applications in one day for the February 1st scholarship deadline. From 1 to 2, I give a tour to a prospective student. I like showing our school to visitors and hope that she will apply to come here. I would then get to make a file for her in the future. Oh the irony of that.

I ended up staying at the office until 5PM instead of 2- along with the applications, we got a lot of Early Diagnostic Tests to process. My errands will have to wait for another day. I got home at 5:20 and get my readings done for the next day.  I head to bed at 11PM, getting prepared for another day of practical learning in the Monterey Peninsula.

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