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A Day in the Life of Galen Anderson!

a day in the life galen

Confession: I am not a morning person. I kind of grumble like a bear at the world beyond my covers, especially the chipperness that exudes from my boyfriend Anthony, who has already been at his tasks since 5am. After consuming copious amounts of coffee over the course of two hours, I’m finally ready to start my day.

But once I’m up, I’m going!

My friends make fun of me for color-coding my day-planner for each activity and class, but it has saved me on more than one occasion. This semester has proven my craziest yet at MIIS, and I’ve been in a balancing act since day one. I’m a huge proponent of taking time to enjoy life, but this becomes tricky with a full course load and three jobs. Each weekday is vastly different for me- from work as a TA to babysitter to library GA to my courses in IEM and MPA, I have to map out my schedule in intricate detail. I’m also searching for practicum and DPMI+, making my life even more hectic.

Monday through Thursday, I start my day at 8am and don’t finish until at least 9pm, a rough but rewarding schedule. When I’m babysitting, I feel like I get a nice break from reality. The kid I watch is wise beyond his years, but young enough that nerf gun hide-and-seek is a daily occurrence. Turns out, I’m an excellent shot when it comes to nerf guns. As a TA, I help my IEM colleagues navigate the difficult world of program design and assessment. The best part of my TA job is watching students as the wheels turn, ideas click, and they jump into their work with newfound zeal. Working in the MIIS library is probably one of my favorite places, however, because I have the chance to be social and productive. I also have ridiculous fun placing our mascot gorilla in new and surprising places (watch your back!).

Secretly, I love being busy. I love the thrill of completing a challenging task and the feeling of exhaustion at the end of a long week. It makes my time off all the more rewarding, and motivates me to stay focused when I have to be. I’ve learned that my secret to productivity is having adventures planned for my downtime. In my busyness, I sometimes forget that I live in Monterey. My goal this semester has been to “live” where I live.

For example, last week, I finally went to a kickboxing class at the Sports Center. Talk about a workout! I learned kicks, punches, combos, and that I could probably handle myself in a fight. Or at least jump around a lot. A couple of weeks ago, Anthony took me climbing at the rock wall in Seaside — something I hadn’t done since I was 10. I looked like a total goober but with friends cheering you on, it’s pretty thrilling to make it up even the baby routes. Similarly, I played ultimate frisbee on the beach a couple of weeks ago. The sun was beaming, the waves were crashing, people appeared to be flying (seriously, these people can jump!), and I was yet again in awe of where I live.

I don’t know where I will end up in just a few short months, but I hope the place is as amazing and diverse as Monterey.

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