There’s a New Sheriff in Town…

Howdy y’all!

We got a bit of an issue in this part of town thats been botherin’ folks for years. It ain’t bandits, or coyotes (kai-otes), or even the drought. Its the abuse and downright destruction of our smooth scaled friends also known as the Sharks. Now, its been a problem for quite sometime, but it seems like with all these Chinese folks expandin’ their middle class, demand for this tasteless shark fin soup has increased, meanin’ that we might be fresh out of our toothy friends by the time our grandkids can put on their boots…Whatever happened to some good ol’ chili!?

Well, have no fear. The Shark Sheriff has arrived in Austin, and he is on a warpath like no other. Under the tutelage of Shark Marshall Pam Baker, I’m leaving no stone unturned, no cactus unrooted, and no research document unread. Tryin’ to gather info for this tri-national shark conservation agreement with the Mexicans and Cubans is tough work, but someones gotta do it. By understanding the nations’ pelagic longline fleets in the Gulf, how they do their business, where they do it, and what they’re wranglin’, our unit is finding clues everyday to sort out this here agreement so that we can implement it in the near future. Our Whitetip, Blacktip, Silky, Mako, Thresher, and Hammerhead brethren are in dire need of some help, and I reckon it’ll be the Shark Sheriff (myself), under the head US Shark Marshall (Mrs. Pam Baker), that’ll crack the whip on this case right open and bring this town (Gulf of Mexico) some justice (conservation), Texas style! YEEEHAAW!

Until next time,

Shark Sheriff Reynolds——-Austin, Texas

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