2003 Intern Spotlight: Risa Mongiello

Not Pictured Female

Name: Risa Mongiello
Home Institution: Scripps College
Major: Politics and International Relations with a minor in Italian

“I work closely with IONP director, Jean duPreez on updating the Inventory of International Nonproliferation Organizations and Regimes. It has been fantastic working with this program. I am learning on a daily basis about the international community of nonproliferation. I research and write about many different areas of the field, which has given me a comprehensive outlook on the wide range of issues pertaining to international nonproliferation and disarmament. It’s been great working for Jean, the director, and Garvey, the MIIS graduate research assistant, because they are both very easygoing, fun, and also professional colleagues. I know that with their help I will get a lot out of this internship! I must say, life here is pretty fantastic. Though it may be foggy and cool sometimes, when the sun comes out, you get to go to the beach!”