2006 Fellow Spotlight: Adaobi Onyenwe

Name: Adaobi Onyenwe
Home Institution: Wellesley College 
Major: Political Science

“It’s been a whirlwind here in Monterey, and I’ve learned so much about incredibly relevant topics that I’ve only cursorily glanced at before. The interactions with the scholars here and the numerous fascinating seminars I’ve been lucky to attend contribute immensely to the vast intellectual stimulation that this summer has provided for me. And my research skills have also advanced! To make things even better, I’m in the gorgeous town of Monterey, with amazing vistas only a few minutes away, offering an aspect of America I feel lucky to experience. There is so much to see and take advantage of here; hiking in Big Sur, San Francisco and the beautiful Monterey Bay itself is well worth seeing. The weather, though sometimes foggy, is even a pleasant counterpoint to the general summer heat and humidity in most other states.”