2006 Fellow Spotlight: Daphne Morrison

Name: Daphne Morrison
Home Institution: Middlebury College
Major: Political Science

Work at CNS is very fulfilling. I am working on the Nuclear Threat Initiative website, among other projects. One of my responsibilities is to complete an up-to-date chronology of daily WMD news. I compile important events into a series of summaries.  After my supervisor edits them, these summaries are added to the website. I like being able to see what I’ve been able to contribute. Another interesting project I am working on is writing an issue brief for the NTI website on a 2004 IAEA-Brazil impasse. I recognize that the process of writing this research paper is a learning experience in and of itself! To sum up my work experience, I would say that it’s a good balance between learning as you go along and being able to give back to the Center.”