2006 Fellow Spotlight: Nidhi Eipe

Name: Nidhi Eipe
Home Institution: College of the Atlantic
Major: Human Ecology

“I chose to intern at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies because I wanted to explore disarmament and international security from a philosophical perspective; one which brings together concepts like ethics, sovereignty, terrorism, hospitality, globalization, forgiveness. Interning at CNS has been a rewarding experience with a research organization committed to training the next generation in nonproliferation issues.

Working under the supervision of Jean DuPreez at the International Organizations and Nonproliferation program greatly furthered my knowledge of issues related to international organizations and nonproliferation issues. I also gained a deeper understanding of how multilateral negotiations and initiatives work, in terms of both the potential as well as the limits of their power. In my final paper, I explored the implications of current issues surrounding the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty on the global nonproliferation regime, and focused on the urgent necessity of reviving disarmament. I have been updating the Inventory of International Organizations, studying regional nuclear issues in South Asia, as well as working on a project documenting the progress of nuclear disarmament worldwide.

I have had the opportunity to attend numerous seminars by resident lecturers and visiting scholars. The staff is warm and generous, very encouraging and supportive of independent research and always willing to answer questions. It has been a privilege to interact–in both formal and informal settings–with leading experts in the field. California is incredible, and in its beauty, history, diversity, and hospitality, Monterey is unparalleled.”