2007 Intern Spotlight: Adriana Qubaia


Name: Adriana Qubaia
Home Institution: Middlebury College
Major: Middle Eastern Studies

“I have enjoyed my summer at Monterey very much as I got the chance to further explore my own personal interests in the Middle East while acquiring valuable research skills. I split my time during the internship between researching for my personal project and researching for my supervisor Sammy Salama. My supervisor helped me in picking out my topic and guided me through my project on Al-Qaeda’s presence and interests in Palestinian territories and the Palestinian cause. My other research projects included reading the Arab media for developments and reactions to Iran’s nuclear interests, and also researching the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and elsewhere. I have also enjoyed attending many lectures on nonproliferation issues given by various CNS staff members, and have certainly expanded my knowledge in the area of nonproliferation to a great extent. The UWC Davis fellowship proved to be a wonderful learning opportunity and certainly a great way to spend the summer, I highly recommend it!”