2007 Intern Spotlight: Kieran Ledwidge


Name: Kieran Ledwidge
Home Institution: Princeton University
Major: Political Science

“My fellowship here in Monterey has given me the opportunity to contribute to the projects of the CNS (the IONP in particular), while pursuing my own research for a looming thesis under the guidance of a friendly and helpful staff, all in the setting of lovely (if occasionally overcast) Northern California. Having an extended period of time to focus on an aspect of international relations as specific as international organizations dedicated to the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction has been a unique experience for me. In particular, I was fortunate enough to be an observer at the sessions of the Monterey Strategy Group in which senior members of the international nonproliferation community discussed current obstacles and future initiatives necessary to bring about nuclear disarmament. Observing these individuals debate such issues was a truly fascinating and educational experience.

I’ve found the Monterey area itself to be picturesque and inviting. I’ve had time to enjoy exploring a number of the surrounding locations such as Big Sur, Carmel, Santa Cruz and San Francisco to name a few.

These experiences however would not be possible were it not for the continuing generosity of Shelby Davis, and I’d be doing him a terrible disservice if I didn’t thank him for it again here. I’m truly grateful for his philanthropy over the years in both funding this fellowship and the general education of myself and many others – I can’t thank him enough.”