2007 Intern Spotlight: Manuel Manriquez


Name: Manuel Manriquez 
Home Institution: UC Berkeley
Major: Political Science and Asian Studies

“One word can accurately describe my internship at CNS: magnificent! As a re-entry undergraduate student I have had years of experience at thankless jobs in many different fields.  Now, for the first time in my life, I am proud to tell people about the work I do and the environment that I operate in. The beauty of this internship is that I am learning and expanding my grasp on ideas, concepts, and events directly related to my field of interest every day. I am able to explore depths of international affairs and nonproliferation that are not possible in school because I am spending almost 40 hours a week immersed in this field. I have worked on updating a North Korea missile chronology for the Nuclear Threat Initiative website, and I am writing a research paper on Japan’s move toward the militarization of its satellite reconnaissance program. I see this experience as the best way to get a feel for research in the non-profit international affairs field and a stepping stone to a career in this arena after graduation. I also know that when I apply to graduate schools, the reviewers will look quite favorably on this experience because it shows that I have the initiative and capability to perform well in an intellectually challenging and stimulating atmosphere.

As for the East Asia Nonproliferation Program, I have found the staff to be engaging, helpful, and incredibly supportive. Also, being in contact with top scholars who are working for CNS and/or teaching at the Monterey Institute for International Studies on a daily basis is great. Many of them have offered me assistance with my research project and I know that the quality of their guidance is top notch. Finally, the opportunity to engage in activities outside of the office such as lectures, field trips, and other events adds dynamism to the internship. My days are never monotonous and I am rarely asked to perform typical office errands or tasks. Instead I am treated as an important member of the team, and I am offered meaningful assignments that keep my work interesting. Overall, it has been my dream internship!”