2007 Intern Spotlight: Paul Oliver

Paul Oliver

Name: Paul Oliver
Home Institution: University of Michigan
Major: Political Science

“Working as a summer intern at CNS has been an excellent experience. CNS offers numerous resources for learning and research and provides the flexibility to explore various topics in nonproliferation. In addition to updating websites, I have worked on projects on nuclear disarmament and UN Security Council Resolution 1540. I also had the chance to research and write my own paper on fuel banks and other proposals for multilateral control of the nuclear fuel cycle.

After several months at the IONP, I have developed a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and the nonproliferation regime in general. The highlight of the summer was the opportunity to sit in on the Monterey Nonproliferation Strategy Group meetings. I learned a great deal about the diplomatic process, the challenges facing nonproliferation, and the ways to move forward on this important international security issue.

Living in Monterey is wonderful, especially if you love the outdoors as I do. I spent many of my weekends cycling along the coast or reading a good book in the park. The other interns were great people and made adjusting to Monterey very easy.  I highly recommend the CNS internship experience to any student of international relations.”