2008 Intern Spotlight: Alexander Popper

Alexander Popper

Name: Alexander Popper
Home Institution: Carleton College
Major: International Relations with Middle East focus

“Interning at CNS was one of the most valuable summer experiences I have ever had. My choice to spend the summer at CNS was primarily motivated by my conviction in the value of its mission to retard the global proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Through my internship I engaged in graduate-level research on a number of significant projects with leading professionals in nonproliferation and related fields. 

Furthermore, everyone at CNS worked hard to make my internship a holistic learning experience, and I benefited greatly from the classes and seminars offered. I felt like a fully enfranchised member of CNS community. There was never a lack of stimulating conversation or novel perspectives on pressing issues. Not only was I surrounded by an eclectic international crowd of students, academics and professionals, I was engaged in work that was both cutting-edge and meaningful. Especially working with the Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Department, I gained valuable specialized expertise. In particular, I worked on a number of projects of which at least one will see publication. 

I would recommend the CNS summer internship program for anyone serious (or seriously curious) about international relations or the future of global nonproliferation. The summer in Monterey was also wonderful bonus. I loved the seals, the surf, the history and the setting.”