2010 Intern Spotlight: Li Schmidt

Li Schmidt

Name: Li Schmidt
Home Institution: UC Berkeley
Major: Peace and Conflict Studies

“I have learned a tremendous amount of information about nonproliferation issues in my summer at CNS. I interned both with International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program (IONP) and with the Newly Independent States Nonproliferation Program (NISNP). This gave me the unique opportunity to research a wide range of topics, from developments in International Organizations such as the CTBTO, to the chemical and biological weapons programs in the Former Soviet Union. Working for both programs also gave me an opportunity to double my interactions with CNS staff, from whom I have learned a lot during the course of the internship. Although my original interest was in IONP, I am glad I was able to expand my knowledge base in an area of the world I was less familiar with, namely, Russia and the Former Soviet Union. 

Throughout the summer, I have felt my research skills grow and improve. In addition to working for IONP and NISNP, I was able to pick a direction for a research topic based on my interest in the humanitarian aspect of nonproliferation and disarmament. I plan to carry the research I have done on this topic into my studies at UC Berkeley. While I have been exposed to a wide range of nonproliferation issues this summer, I have also discovered that there is much more to learn. I am definitely considering a career in the future in or related to the field of nonproliferation. 

The internship at CNS not only introduced me to many of the leading researchers in a wide range of topics in the field of nonproliferation but also introduced me to other undergraduates with similar interests, who I plan to keep in contact with in the future.”