2010 Fellow Spotlight: Lukas Strobl

Lukas Strobl (Fellow

Name: Lukas Strobl
Home Institution: Middlebury College
Major: International Studies with focus on East Asia and Political Science

“My summer fellowship has taught me invaluable skills in independent research and writing. Working alongside experts and arms control policy veterans in the EANP office, I got many insights into a topic rarely covered in undergraduate curricula. The East Asian Nonproliferation Program offered resources and advice to help me dive into the Issue of conventional ballistic missile technology and its impact on power balance in the West Pacific. 

My CNS work in East Asian Security Issues will certainly affect my choice of courses in my upcoming semester in Tokyo. As for the remainder of my Middlebury years, I intend to build on what I have learned here. 

The center, just like the town of Monterey, has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Alongside my research work, I have had the opportunity to make friends at – and outside of – CNS. Whether that means joining a Hawaiian Outrigger Paddling club or helping to tend to the Institute’s own organic garden, there are plenty of ways to fall in love with the place.”