2010 Intern Spotlight: Thomas Tao

Thomas Tao

Name: Thomas Tao
Home Institution: Dartmouth College
Major: Government and East Asian Studies

“My summer at CNS was truly an enlightening experience. Between going to insightful lectures and conducting rigorous research work, I learned invaluable lessons that will shape my academic career for years to come. This program succeeds because it allows students to directly interact with leading specialists in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, who are truly excited and passionate about their work. They are eager to share their knowledge with whoever is interested in learning about an increasingly important issue in global affairs. At the same time, students have the opportunity to directly meet and talk with the shapers of global affairs, such as when the South Korean ambassador to the UN came to give a lecture. 

My summer tenure at CNS revolved around the East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP). My main task was to examine China’s nuclear reactors and refinery capabilities. Unlike in school, where political theory dominates most classes, at CNS I was able to examine the fine details and tangible objects that shape international relations and politics. The faculty and staff were a wonderful source of guidance who allowed me to pursue my own interests my way. Without them I would never have had such a successful time at CNS. 

The wonderful people, academic environment, and genuine passion for learning prove why CNS is one of the nation’s leading institutions studying nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. They are driven and focused on tackling any present nonproliferation issues that trouble the world today, all the while training the next generation to ensure the peace of tomorrow.”