2011 Intern Spotlight: Lisa Bergstrom

Lisa Bergstrom

Name: Lisa Bergstrom
Home Institution: University of Washington
Major: International Relations and Russian and Science and Technology

“I have often used CNS publications and CNS content on the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s website for my school papers and personal curiosity. Therefore, I was thrilled to do writing and research for the NTI website. I updated and edited entries on Russian nuclear facilities and country profiles for the former Soviet Union, and collected Russian-language source documents. I’m glad my work will help others find accessible, high-quality information, plus, I can point to a page and say, “I wrote that!” I’ll be able to use my new research skills and expanded knowledge in graduate school and my career.

Everyone at CNS – the staff, graduate research assistants, visiting fellows, and other interns — was very nice and approachable, including those with the most intimidating resumes. It’s a small organization, but I worked and interacted with people from many different countries and fields of study. CNS clearly cares about its interns and organized lectures, movies, discussions, and a day trip for us. At the time, they treat you like a real part of the team and appreciate your input. And though Monterey is a little cloudier and drizzlier in the summer than one might expect, it’s a great place to spend the internship. It’s laidback and almost everything is within walking distance.”