2011 Fellow Spotlight: Tamar Levkovich

Tamar Levkovich (Fellow)

Name: Tamar Levkovich
Home Institution: Brandeis University
Major: Politics, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

“I came to CNS with a clear interest and previous knowledge of nonproliferation and quickly found that there is much more to be learned. Since each of us arrived at CNS with different backgrounds in nonproliferation, the first few weeks of the fellowship focused on filling in the gaps of knowledge. Coming from a political science background, I was particularly interested in the international norms system that has developed around nuclear weapons.

When it came to picking an area for my research I chose to borrow from what I have learned about the international norms systems surrounding nuclear weapons, and apply it to a new technology — Cyber Warfare. The CNS staff and faculty were very helpful in guiding my learning process, going above and beyond to help me find the information that I needed.

The Center truly embraced us. Because of how supportive, knowledgeable and interesting the staff and faculty members were and the great company of the MIIS students working there — we were made to feel like important and productive members of the community. To top off an exhilarating summer experience, the undergrad interns and fellows formed a close friendship and took advantage of the wonderful sites and scenes that northern California has to offer.”