2012 Fellow Spotlight: Ala Alrababah

Ala Alrababah (Fellow)

Name: Ala Alrababah 
Home Institution: Dartmouth College
Major: Government and Economics

“My fellowship provided me with the chance to learn about arms control and nonproliferation from diplomats, scientists, and scholars. CNS encouraged me to produce my own work under the supervision of some of those experts.

A highlight of my summer was participating in a track II workshop on the technical dimensions of implementing a weapons of mass destruction-free zone in the Middle East. Thanks to CNS scholars, I had the chance to travel to Sandia National Laboratories for a week to participate in this workshop where I interacted with experts on arms control in the Middle East.

The surroundings in Monterey are really beautiful. Students at CNS like to quip that during the day, they save the world from weapons of mass destruction, while in the evening they enjoy the nice view from the beach. This scenery allows students to appreciate the world they are saving. One of my favorite parts about the summer was meeting the other student interns. I’m truly thankful for the friendships that I built here.”