2013 Intern Spotlight: Frank Wyer

Frank Wyer

Name: Frank Wyer
Home Institution: Middlebury College
Major: International Politics and Economics (concentration in Europe)
CNS Projects: Nuclear Threat Initiative

This summer I scored my dream job: working on the most important issues in the world in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. At the beginning of my internship I knew next to nothing about the issue of nuclear nonproliferation, but CNS gave me the opportunity to attend lectures and do research with some of the top diplomats and scholars in the field. The experts at CNS were really accessible and happy to share their knowledge, whether it was about the science behind biological weapons, the mechanics of ballistic missiles, or the diplomatic process involved in writing treaties. Additionally, the center’s location in Monterey meant I got to spend my weekends surfing in Carmel, hiking in Big Sur, or biking 17-mile drive. Most of all, the friendships I formed and knowledge I gained at CNS will last far beyond this summer.