2013 Intern Spotlight: Mikaela Rear

Mikaela Rear

Name: Mikaela Rear
Home Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies
CNS Projects: International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program,
Nuclear Threat Initiative

“The summer undergraduate internship at CNS provided extensive education about nonproliferation. The CNS internship allows undergrads to do substantive work side-by-side with CNS professors and researchers. While many political science internships place emphasis on office tasks such as photocopying or answering phones, the CNS internship allows students to learn about, contribute to, and discuss multiple aspects of the nonproliferation regime. Interns have the chance to work with accomplished experts in the field, passionate MIIS graduate students, and other undergrads with similar interests.

I really enjoyed getting to learn from and talk to the CNS experts about different issues and their own personal experiences. The diversity of the staff usually meant there was always someone I could go to, no matter the focus of my question.”