2015 Intern Spotlight: Anne Pellegrino

Anne Pellegrino
Home Institution: University of Georgia
International Affairs

“My experience as an intern for the Center for Nonproliferation Studies was nothing but positive. What initially drew me to the program was the promise of substantial research opportunities in addition to a chance to learn about nonproliferation issues from leading experts in the field. For instance, the signing of the Iran Deal was a summer highlight because the interns were able to sit in on experts’ discussions deconstructing and examining the agreement. It was a privilege to have an insiders’ look into such a historic arrangement! While we weren’t attending lectures and discussions, the interns were hard at work on research projects covering various nonproliferation issues. It is rewarding to know that the finished products I contributed to are used by people both in the industry and those who just want to educate themselves about nonproliferation issues. CNS takes its mission to train the next generation of nonproliferation specialists seriously, and I feel very lucky to have spent my summer in an environment that invests heavily in the education of its interns. Spending my summer at CNS was the best decision I could have made and I am excited to see where this opportunity will take me in the future!”