2015 Intern Spotlight: Jessica Margolis

Jessica Margolis
Home Institution: Emory University
International Studies, Minor: Global Health, Culture and Society

“The CNS undergraduate internship was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to practice my research skills and learn from experts in the field of nonproliferation. Having lectures from the CNS faculty is an amazing experience that contributed immensely to my knowledge of nonproliferation specifically, and international security generally. The fact that we were able to engage in discussions with accomplished experts is an academic experience that would be hard to find at any other internship. Additionally, it was a pleasure to work in such a supportive and intellectual community that encouraged us to think creatively and pursue our own interests. The CNS faculty and staff are all very supportive and seem genuinely appreciative of the interns’ help. They provided a great deal of support to my own research project. Additionally, I found that the staff was very willing to provide me with guidance and advice regarding my career and future plans. I am very appreciative of this attention as its not something that undergrads are accustomed to receiving from well accomplished scholars. Overall, my experience as an undergraduate intern at CNS was a very positive one and I would definitely recommend others to take advantage of it!”