2017 Intern Spotlight: Lucy Nussbaum

Lucy Nussbaum

Home Institution: Middlebury College

Major: International Politics and Economics

“This internship is an incredibly valuable and one of a kind opportunity. I learned so much about nonproliferation and disarmament from first hand research experience and mentorship from leaders in the field in such a short amount of time. Lectures were always interesting, addressing varying WMD-related topics, including the nonproliferation regime, the physics of nuclear weapons and the tools used to track and study North Korea’s missile launches. Everything I learned was relevant to the current international security situation and even in my free time out of the office, I continued to talk to family and friends (or anyone who would listen) about the fascinating things I was learning. We were also given opportunities to use this knowledge through a heated negotiation simulation, research, and presentations. Everyone at CNS and MIIS was incredibly welcoming and encouraged us to meet with them to learn more about their field or future career opportunities. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and I know I will be using the knowledge and skills I learned in my future endeavors.”