2017 Intern Spotlight: Rachael Kretsch

Rachael Kretsch

Home Institution: Harvey Mudd College

Major: Chemistry and Biology

“This internship was not only a crash course in everything nonproliferation related, it also showed me how and where I can contribute to the field. When I look back at all the speakers we have had throughout the summer, I am amazed by the level of expertise and desire to educate the future generation of nonproliferation experts. Learning from and discussing with renowned experts in the field was certainly a highlight, but this internship also gave us an opportunity to collaborate with young scholars and upcoming experts. I value the connections I have made, as well as the enhanced effort to educate more youth on nonproliferation issues. My research gave me the opportunity to develop critical thinking and writing skills that I hope can help me connect science and policy as I go back to my academic career in the sciences.”

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