2017 Intern Spotlight: SeiYeon Ji

SeiYeon Ji

Home Institution: Middlebury College

Major: International Politics and Economics

“The CNS internship has been essential in shaping and consolidating my academic and career interests. This internship was unique in that it linked practical, hands-on research opportunities with lectures, seminars, and other educational activities directed at strengthening interns’ technical knowledge regarding weapons of mass destruction. The staff at CNS were very responsive to each intern’s interests and invested in providing us with a strong foundation for understanding nonproliferation issues. The opportunity to work closely with one or more CNS staff on projects related to my particular research interests introduced me to a set of toolkits for analyzing security issues and created valuable, lasting mentorships with the staff and advisors at CNS.” 

SeiYeong Ji coauthored an article with Melissa Hanham, Senior Research at CNS, about the progress made by the North Korean missile program. This article also looks into the future of the program and what advances can be expected. The article can be read here.