2019 Summer Intern Spotlight: Arielle Landau

Arielle Landau
Arielle Landau

Home Institution: Middlebury College

Major: Environmental Studies, Sociology-Anthropology

“The CNS internship was a great opportunity to explore my interests within the field of non-proliferation. Allowing for independent research, the internship enabled me to study environmental justice and sociology within the context of non-proliferation. I was also able to build upon the technical expertise available CNS to map potential population exposure to radiation from past nuclear tests.
The daily lectures provided background and context to complex nuclear issues while also allowing interns to converse with experts in the field. We covered topics ranging from Nuclear Weapon Free Zones to regional issues in the Middle East and South Asia and how they impact nuclear proliferation. I especially enjoyed the new tools workshops where we learned how to geolocate images and use open source intelligence to contribute to our research.”

“Big Nuke Energy” Advocates for Female Voices in Nonproliferation