2019 Summer Intern Spotlight: BreAnne Fleer

BreAnne Fleer

Home Institution: Cornell University

Major: Government

“The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies undergraduate internship is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about diplomacy, intelligence, security, international relations, and the field of nonproliferation. Since the internship is focused on the interns, students can develop research and analytical skills that are useful in a variety of careers. Working directly with supervisors and professors enables interns to gain valuable research experiences, whether for independent or collaborative projects.
This internship is especially beneficial for motivated students who want to take initiative on projects of interest and utilize the knowledge and academic resources available to them at CNS to explore areas of nonproliferation. All interns, regardless of interests, benefit from an array of lectures on topics from countries’ missile and nuclear weapons programs to international treaty negotiations to the dismantling of chemical and biological weapons stockpiles.”