2018 Summer Intern Spotlight: Ariel Du Temple

Ariel Du Temple

Ariel’s Experience in the Program

Home Institution: University of Montreal

Major: Neuroscience

“This internship was not only a remarkable experience to learn from and research alongside experts in nonproliferation, but it has done a great job at selecting interns from various backgrounds. As a student that has studied science most of my life, I think it is very important to get to know this issue but also to increase our awareness to a different field of study. I highly recommend this internship to students majoring in science, even though learning about nonproliferation and foreign policy may be an adjustment at first. Our society can only gain more from having individuals with diverse interests working together. I am thankful for all the academic and work experience that I gained from interacting with welcoming diplomats, researchers and experts, people who have a passion for building a better world.”