2018 Summer Intern Spotlight: Caroline Gustavson

Caroline Gustavson

 Caroline’s Experience in the Program

Home Institution: University of Georgia

Major: International Affairs and Arabic

“Interning at CNS was such an amazing experience for multiple reasons. Not only did I acquire vast knowledge and a deeper understanding of nonproliferation, but I was also surrounded by a wonderful work environment. One of the most valuable aspects of this internship was the nonproliferation expertise that I could always consult. Fellows from the IAEA, state diplomats, and various government personnel gave us lectures on their experience working in the field. It is not often that one is surrounded by such a vast pool of knowledge. CNS also helped me sharpen my research skills including coding and data visualization through applications such as Tableau. By gaining these skills, I have been able to conduct an independent research project while also visually interpreting the results. This is an essential skill for my career as an academic and any future endeavors.”