2018 Summer Intern Spotlight: Jenna Mazza

Jenna Mazza

Jenna’s Experience in the Program

Home Institution: University of Southern California

Major: International Relations and Spanish

“This internship surpassed my expectations for a productive and stimulating summer. I was assigned projects based on my individual interests, and my supervisor was always willing to work with me and provide new, exciting opportunities. She was also kind to assign me projects that involved types of analysis that I had never done before, as her patience while I learned geospatial analysis skills allowed for a fulfilling assignment both in the process of learning a new skill and in the end result. Everyone at CNS was very willing to work with the interns and offer support for our research projects, and I found the access to topic experts to be very helpful both in my research and in exploring future career options. I can’t state how grateful I am for this opportunity, as I came into this internship without any knowledge of nuclear weapons, and I am leaving with exposure to many different aspects and an excitement to continue to explore these new interest areas once I return to university.”