2018 Summer Intern Spotlight: Rowen Price

Rowen Price

Rowen’s Experience in the Program

Home Institution: Middlebury College

Major: Political Science and Chinese

“If you are interested in learning about weapons of mass destruction, regardless of whether you have had years of related experience or previously have only tangentially studied them, this internship is a fantastic opportunity to develop content-based and technical knowledge in the field. We have the chance to contribute to groundbreaking work, and we are given the freedom to develop an independent research project on anything nonproliferation-related, which pushes us to take advantage of the many resources available at the center. The experts are all incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, and overall willing to help and advise us. We have a unique chance to make connections with diplomats, intelligence officers, and academic experts.

In addition to our supervisors and other experts, the intern group is full of diverse interests and skills that allow us to learn from each other – in this year’s group of 13 interns, there were at least 8 languages represented, and an impressive range of college major focuses. One of the cornerstones of this program is the series of lectures on a wide range of subjects. Some of my favorites were lectures on Japan’s nuclear policy, an overview on chemical weapons, and a history of radiological weapons programs. These lectures were incredibly valuable and not available elsewhere. They are indicative of the center’s focus on providing the undergraduate interns a worthwhile experience.”

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