2014 Intern Spotlight: Nick Pang

Nick Pang
Home Institution: Princeton University
Major: Sociology
CNS Project:
EANP, Nuclear Threat Initiative

“At CNS, I experienced a number of lectures by world-class experts on a number of nonproliferation related topics. We received lectures on nuclear history, the different nonproliferation treaties, nuclear trafficking, the nuclear fuel cycle, different scholar’s recent research etc. Regarding my intern tasks, I mainly worked on updating Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) country profiles and other pages on the NTI website. I also worked on researching Indonesian companies that produce “dual-use” materials, researching nuclear incidents in China for the nuclear trafficking database, as well as various clerical tasks for a course CNS is arranging for EU officials. Beyond work, I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and become friends with my fellow interns and United World College Fellows in sunny Monterey. Furthermore, our internship-organized trip down the central California coast to Big Sur was an amazing experience. From inside the seminar room to out hiking, this was an unforgettable summer.”