Tom and Sarah Pattison Event

Summer 2019 undergraduates with donors Tom and Sarah Pattison and CNS Director Dr. Potter

During the summer of 2019, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) is hosting 17 outstanding undergraduate nonproliferation fellows. One of the highlights of the undergraduate fellowship program is the fellows’ research presentations at a luncheon event with major supporters for CNS—Sarah and Tom Pattison, CNS experts, and several MIIS faculty members.

Sarah and Tom Pattison have been long-time supporters and friends of CNS and MIIS since 2007. They are major supporters of CNS nonproliferation education projects for young generations including the Summer Undergraduate Nonproliferation Fellowship Program and the Critical Issues Forum Project.

CNS has been so grateful to have such dedicated friends who value and understand the importance of nonproliferation and disarmament education for young generations in order to make progress toward the goal of peace and security in a world free of nuclear weapons. This year, Tom and Sarah visited CNS to meet with the summer fellows on July 12.

With a personal commitment to nonproliferation and a more secure and peaceful world, Tom and Sarah established the Tom and Sarah Pattison Fund a decade ago in support of the CNS mission. Their generosity bolsters CNS activities related to efforts to achieve a WMD-free zone in the Middle East as well as the training of young scholars and fellows in the nonproliferation field. In this way, CNS’s unique summer undergraduate nonproliferation fellowship program aligns with the purpose of the Fund.

Meet the interns and learn some fun facts about them here!

Check out the summer interns’ podcast Big Nuke Energy!

2019 Research Presentations to Tom and Sarah Pattison

Allison Douma, Robert Gluzman, Grace Kier, Delaney King, and Leah Metzger presented on “Treaties and Organizations: International Engagement”.

Samantha Barnes, Jess Cohen, Zach Glass, and Emily Quinn presented on “General Nonproliferation Security Threats”.

Julia Khan, Samira Mehta, and Anupriya Nag presented on “Regional Issues: Middle East and South Asia”.

BreAnne Fleer, and Leela McClintock presented on “Modern Nuclear and Radiological Threats”.

Adin Insoft, Arielle Landau, and Simran Nayak presented on “Tackling Nonproliferation with New Technology”.

Samantha Barnes, Grace Kier, and Arielle Landau introduce “Big Nuke Energy”, a new podcast about young women working in proliferation.