Student Work: Air Travel Carbon Offsets

Has worry about increasing your Carbon Footprint caused you to decrease your air travel? Or maybe you have no choice but all you can think of while eating your peanuts and watching the in-flight movie is the amount of Carbon that you are emitting.

Thanks to Shannon and Mike, there is now a list of airlines and their various Carbon offset programs available to you! This list explains which airlines have programs for Carbon offsets, providing you a way to choose airlines responsibly.  Airlines on the list include: American Airlines, Air France, Emirates Airlines and Lufthansa. Take a look and make sure you refer to the list the next time you buy your plane tickets.

Click here to see the most up-to-date list.

Click here for a downloadable PDF: Carbon Offset Programs-Airlines.


Calling All Acorn Collection Volunteers!

We have decided to expand our Fort Ord Restoration Project! This means that we need YOU to come with us to collect more acorns.

WHEN: Saturday, November 19th from 10:00-13:00 (arrive at Fort Ord at 10–meet at MIIS first at 9:30)

WHAT: Collecting Valley and Oak Live Acorns.  We will start at the Toro Park gate off of Hwy 68 and hike from there to various sites where we will collect acorns.  The hike will be around two miles with some steep slopes.

WHERE: Fort Ord–meet at MIIS for carpools
Make sure you bring the following items with you: water, snacks, closed toe shoes, sunscreen, rain gear (if there is rain on the forecast), hat and sunglasses.

Please email to say you’ll be there (or if you have any questions)!