Tree Planting at Fort Ord

Well, folks, we took a huge step forward in our efforts to offset our school carbon emissions! On February 25th, a rather large group of volunteers headed out to Fort Ord to plant the trees that we have been growing since the fall of 2010.  In just four hours, we planted 29 Valley Oak Trees. It’s been a real treat to see these trees grow from acorns into little saplings planted in the ground. Our babies are all grown up! I wish them lots of luck making it in the big world! May they grow to be big, strong, and sequester lots of carbon.

Thank you to everybody who spent their Saturday morning planting trees with us and, of course, Christina and Rose from The Return of the Natives organization.

See pictures here!

Spring Trade and Investment Conference THIS SATURDAY

Hey all you Sustainable People!

This SATURDAY, March 3rd, the spring Trade and Investment Conference is taking place here on campus! The conference theme this year is Global Integration and the Future of Development. It promises to be a great day full of education and some academic celebrity sightseeing! “Celebrities” like Dr. Charles Wheelan, author of Naked Economics, President   Sunder Ramaswamy and Ambassador Faizel Ismail, the Ambassador Permanent Representative of South Africa to the World Trade Organization will be speaking. Don’t miss it!

Follow the link here for more information about the day as well as a tentative schedule.