Drinking Green

When it comes to things we consume and being environmentally friendly, we tend to think about our lettuce being organic and our apples being in season and grown on a local orchard. When it comes to alcohol, sometimes our green decision making doesn’t quite make it full circle. We may make sure that we know exactly where our kale comes from and whose farm our chicken ran around on and what it ate. But then our wine might be flown in from France or we might have no idea where the vodka in our cocktail came from.

This article in The Atlantic explains how you can extend your environmentally friendly ways to your alcohol consumption as well. Read on to learn about green wine, beer and liquor. The same things that we apply to our food like distance traveled and chemicals (not)used are applicable to our drink choices as well.

Link here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/business/2012/04/whats-most-eco-friendly-way-get-drunk/50971/#

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