350.org Event – Sept. 24

To kick off the fall 2011 semester, the SSC will be partnering with Monterey Green Action and several other local organizations to host an event as part of 350.org’s campaign to demand climate change action on Sept. 24.  Below are the minutes from the last planning meeting in July:

1. Attendees:
Sophie De Bevkelaer, Sustainable Carmel Valley
Natasha Fraley, Sustainable PG
Abby Kehr, Monterey Green Action
Safwat Malek, CSMC
Jeff Condit, Monterey Green Action

2. 350.org Event Background
We went over the event, goals for the event.

3.  Event Idea
We agreed on a climate change awareness walk as our event for 350.org on Sept. 24 from 10am-12.  The event will aim to raise public awareness on the issues of climate change and its potential local and global impacts.  The event will entail a 3-mile hike along a projected Monterey coastline in the event of a 1-3 meter rise in seal level.  The walk will be led by climate change experts including local scientists, academics, and policy makers.  The event will conclude with a beach clean-up and free community picnic at Windows-on-the-Bay.

The event is entitled “Rise: an Interactive Interpretation of Climate Change”

4.  Expanding our team
We discussed working to get a member from each Citizens for a Sustainable Monterey County group to attend these planning meetings to help facilitate a concerted 350.org event effort.
We brainstormed about other potential local partners we should reach out to:
UNA, Surfrider, USGBC, Oceana, Center for Ocean Solutions, Sustainability Academy
We discussed contacting local universities:
MIIS’ Environmental Task Force has agreed to partner.  MIIS is an affiliate with Middlebury College which is a nice tie-in for the 350.org event.
Others: CSUMB, MPC,

5. Speakers
We brainstormed speakers for the event.  We are aiming for 4 speakers along the route with aid of a blowhorn or bicycle speaker system.  We are hoping to have these potential types of speakers: a local prominent scientist, an academic, a policymaker, a focus on adaptation, global security issue.  potential speakers:
Larry Crowler (sp), Center for Ocean Solutions (Natasha contact)
Mike Sutton, Aquarium (Sophie)
Jeff Peduan, NPS (Natasha)
Jason Burnett, Carmel City Council, Former EPA Deputy Director tasked with climate change policy (Safwat)
Jared Blumenfeld, EPA District 9 Director (Jeff)
Jason Scorse, MIIS (Jeff)
Jim Barry, MBARI (Natasha)
Bill Monning (Safwat)

We are open to additional suggestions.  Please forward any suggestions to the group.  We are really trying to get good speakers.  One thought was that we could create a podcast of the event to be broadcast on the CSMC website for people to be able to do the Climate Change Awareness Hike in the future on their own.  We may need technical help for his portion (MIIS?)

6.  Media Partner
Jeff will post event on 350.org. (done)
Jeff will create press release.
We will try to get event flyer ready for upcoming CSMC events
We will reach out to media contacts from Weekly




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T 831.659.3820 x109

F 831.646.2106

10 Harris Court, Suite C5

Monterey, CA 93940


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