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MSC eco-labeling works!

A new study out today shows that MSC eco-labeling actually works! Eco-labeling reliably conveys information to seafood consumers on the health of fish stocks and, from a statistical point of view, MSC-certified seafood is 3-5 times less likely to be subject to harmful fishing. Gutierrez et al. found that 74% of MSC certified eco-label fisheries were above maximum sustainable yield biomass levels, compared with just 44% of uncertified fisheries. Additionally, certified fisheries increased in biomass an average of 46% over the past 10 years, whereas uncertified fisheries increased an average of 9%. So keep buying MSC-certified seafood!

Sustainable Seafood is Healthier

According to a study out of Arizona State University, sustainable seafood is healthier than unsustainable seafood. The study has been getting a fair amount of press (HuffingtonPost, ScienceDaily, treehugger), and Fish Wise wrote a great blog on the topic talking about seafood consumption patterns in the United States and some of the confounding factors involved.


The Impact of Seafood


Here’s a great, interactive tool from National Geographic that helps consumers determine the impact of their seafood choices.

Smart Shark!

A very cool video of a super smart whale shark sucking fish right out of a net!