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MA International Environmental Policy

Work View

Seabright Beach, just down the block from the office.

Guest blogger for FishWise

I wrote a guest post for the FishWise blog!

My post was a review of the journal article entitled “Global Cooperation among Diverse Organizations to Reduce Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean.” As it turns out, collaboration between diverse organizations can go a long way toward addressing international governance issues. In fact, the authors ended by saying that this one case study shows that international environmental issues don’t necessarily depend of the creation of new governmental regimes, they can be addressed through existing organizational networks.

The graph below is from the article and shows the weight of tooth fish caught by IUU fishing in the Southern Ocean between 1995 and 2009.

Link: http://www.fishwise.org/press/blog/141-reducing-illegal-unregulated-and-unreported-iuu-fishing


So what exactly is FishWise? And more importantly why would someone want to be fish wise?

According to their website “FishWise  is non-profit organization that promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems by providing innovative market-based tools to the seafood industry.” In normal English, that means that FishWise works with seafood businesses to help them improve their traceability systems. They can also conduct risk assessments to identify products that are likely to be untraceable or coming from illegal sources. They work with companies like Target, Safeway, New Leaf and Bi-Rite to help them publicly communicate their commitment to sustainability and transparency, and improve their product mix over time.

So why would someone want to be fish wise? So that you can be certain the fish you’re enjoying contributes to the well being of the worlds ocean, instead of depleting it.


In the office

Just another day in the office…

My favorite thing about the FishWise offices (other than it’s proximity to the beach) is that it’s full of plants! While the angle of this shot doesn’t quite capture that, from where I’m sitting right now I see no less than 12 plants in this part of the office alone.

CBE Summer Fellowship

First day in the office! This summer I’ll be working on seafood traceability with FishWise, an organization based in Santa Cruz.