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MSC eco-labeling works!

A new study out today shows that MSC eco-labeling actually works! Eco-labeling reliably conveys information to seafood consumers on the health of fish stocks and, from a statistical point of view, MSC-certified seafood is 3-5 times less likely to be subject to harmful fishing. Gutierrez et al. found that 74% of MSC certified eco-label fisheries were above maximum sustainable yield biomass levels, compared with just 44% of uncertified fisheries. Additionally, certified fisheries increased in biomass an average of 46% over the past 10 years, whereas uncertified fisheries increased an average of 9%. So keep buying MSC-certified seafood!

Sustainable Seafood is Healthier

According to a study out of Arizona State University, sustainable seafood is healthier than unsustainable seafood. The study has been getting a fair amount of press (HuffingtonPost, ScienceDaily, treehugger), and Fish Wise wrote a great blog on the topic talking about seafood consumption patterns in the United States and some of the confounding factors involved.


The Impact of Seafood


Here’s a great, interactive tool from National Geographic that helps consumers determine the impact of their seafood choices.

Smart Shark!

A very cool video of a super smart whale shark sucking fish right out of a net!

Blogging Away

Another blog, this time about the 30th session of COFI and a new award aimed at deterring Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing.

Guest blogger for FishWise

I wrote a guest post for the FishWise blog!

My post was a review of the journal article entitled “Global Cooperation among Diverse Organizations to Reduce Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean.” As it turns out, collaboration between diverse organizations can go a long way toward addressing international governance issues. In fact, the authors ended by saying that this one case study shows that international environmental issues don’t necessarily depend of the creation of new governmental regimes, they can be addressed through existing organizational networks.

The graph below is from the article and shows the weight of tooth fish caught by IUU fishing in the Southern Ocean between 1995 and 2009.

Link: http://www.fishwise.org/press/blog/141-reducing-illegal-unregulated-and-unreported-iuu-fishing