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Looking for Recruits

Team Monterey is now looking for recruits who want to join us in El Salvador this January to continue the community development projects of the previous years and start new endeavors with our partners at La Coordinadora and AsociaciĆ³n Mangle. We will be holding two information sessions during the last week of September. The first will be on Tuesday, the 28th from 12:00 to 1:00 in MG100. The second will be on Wednesday, the 29th from 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening, also in MG100. We will give a small presentation about last year’s projects and talk about the projects we will be considering pursuing this year.

In preparation for our trip in January, Professor Adele Negro went down to El Salvador in August to discuss the needs of the communities of the Bajo Lempa region and the potential projects that could be made possible through our new partnerships this year. On her trip, Adele was accompanied by Nathan Weller, the Program and Policy Director of EcoViva, as well as Brett, our new partner from ALBA. The first project they discussed would be a continuation of last year’s Production Team’s work with the local market and would entail doing a community needs assessment and working to increase the presence and productivity of the local market. The second project being considered would carry on from the work of last year’s Infrastructure Team and would involve either issues of garbage collection, disposal and recycling or would again deal with the potable water distribution system. Another possible project would analyze ways for the shrimp industry to be more productive, and a final potential project would examine the possible benefits and opportunities for ecotourism. These are only some of the projects that were discussed and that are currently on the table under consideration for January.

We now begin the process of forming a new team, determining which projects we will pursue and preparing for our trip in January. We are eager to meet those of you who are interested in becoming part of Team Monterey and look forward to meeting you at our information sessions. We highly encourage anyone who is remotely interested to apply or to email us if with any questions at EquipoMonterey2011@gmail.com.

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