Welcome to Team Nepal 2017!

J-Term Team Nepal 2017: Environmental Perceptions and the evolving use of Plastics

Team Nepal will be run as an experiential learning opportunity for guided field research and data driven analysis methods at the graduate level. The foci will be on fostering cross-cultural communication, gaining experience in data collection methods and data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) in a development context, and implementing research methodologies.

Team Nepal 2017 will partner with the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), a youth led not-for-profit in Nepal that works towards environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Before traveling to Nepal, students will work in tandem with HCI to create a research project design. During the J-term practicum, students will utilize their newly built data collection tools in-country to research environmental awareness, perspectives on waste management and recycling and the nation-wide plastic bag ban. This course offers students the chance to utilize skills developed during courses at MIIS, including fieldwork in a rural context and working with local interpreters. In the spring, students will have the opportunity to participate in the third part of the wraparound course, Advanced Policy Analysis, to examine the findings in detail.

For more information, please see the program description.