A Promising Meeting for the Agriculture Team

July 1, 2011

Earlier this week we met with Yesica Nina Cusiyupanqui, who is a local expert on bio-intensive cultivation of vegetables in small plots of land. The meeting was attended by the great Kat Gordon, our team leader, Danny, myself and our super translator Hilda, who filled in the blanks. The meeting was very productive. Yesica is exactly what our team is missing. She is very knowledgeable about harvesting some of the vegetables that Ruben needs more training with, such as seeds of lettuce and spinach, which we so far needed to supply from the US every year. We believe Yesica’s potential addition as a resource for our team will be very valuable for our greenhouse projects.  Firstly, the greenhouses will be much more productive since the locally harvested, second-generation seeds will be adapted to the climate and high altitude. And secondly, it would be much more sustainable, since Ruben won’t have to rely on our organization to provide the seeds any longer. We hope to work with Yesica in the near future to train Ruben in techniques of bio-intensive cultivation of vegetables, which will maximize the yields of the greenhouses. Yesica has limited experience working in greenhouses, but we believe that with Ruben’s guidance and with Yesica’s extensive knowledge we can successfully apply the same bio-intensive techniques and produce high yields so that school children can enjoy a nutritious meal more often.  The team is very excited. The next step is to meet with Ruben and arrange a meeting with Yesica so we can start the training process asap. Go Ag Team!!! ~Marina

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