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A Different Perspective

Guest Post by Judy Mavroleon, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 Conducting research and preparing case studies prior to actually participating in the Community Social Change workshop really helped clarify the situation in the Peruvian Sacred Valley (PSV). It allowed us to observe the many activities and key issues surrounding the numerous stakeholders in that region. […]

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Digging into the Demo Farm

This first week in Peru has been fantastic in every way.  From the amazing family that has taken us into their home, the delicious indigenous Peruvian food, and the awe-inspiring views from below and atop the mountains of the Sacred Valley. I can safely speak for everyone when I say we are blessed to be […]

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Photo of the Week: Choquecancha Corn Festival

This January Team Peru celebrated the last corn harvest in Ruben’s Chakra (field) in his hometown of Choquecancha.  It was the second year Team Peru traveled to Choquecancha for a day of festivities, feasting, and games in the corn field. In this picture, one of the women sprinkles flower petals on Team Peru’s heads as a sign […]

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Making Headlines in Michigan

Check out this recent article in Michigan’s Battle Creek Enquirer about how Aaron got started in Peru. Both Adam and Aaron share their experience starting Team Peru and the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development. Nice work guys! Read the full article here.  

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All About Team Peru: Summer Project Overview

Check out this video to learn more about Team Peru and the project opportunities for Summer 2012. Enjoy!  

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The Demonstration Farm

Since its inception education has been at the core of the Andean Alliance’s approach. The school greenhouse projects embody this component in one way while the Team Peru students from MIIS undergoing an immersive educational experience both in Peru and back at school embody this core attribute in a different way. Now our latest project, […]

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Sustainable Agriculture in the Sacred Valley

My time in the United States has been marred by the incredibly ineffective and potentially harmful farming practices propagated by United States farming companies. There is now a huge disconnect between what is placed on our dining tables and the factors that lead to it’s production, such as: the chemicals being placed into our soil […]

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Celebrating Ruben

Last week Adam, Aaron, and I attended a MESA’s 7th Annual Cultural Cuisine Celebration in San Francisco. The event featured MESA’s work with stewards from around the world. Many of the stewards we met are currently working on organic farms in the United States learning the principles of sustainable agriculture while sharing their knowledge with […]

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In January of 2011, Team Peru, representing the Andean Alliance and the Becky Fund, began organizing with two communities on greenhouse projects. It’s been eleven months since we began this endeavor and we can look back on all the hard work, challenges and successes. The Andean Alliance along with the communities of Choquecancha and Cacchin […]

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AASD and Local Governments: A Challenging But Valuable Relationship

Maintaining any relationship is challenging. Team Peru and the AASD emphasize collaboration and harnessing collective intelligence. The District government that we work with in Peru has a much different culture than our team, but over the past year we have established a valuable relationship that is changing the way we see development, while simultaneously changing […]

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Our mission is to provide and implement sustainable programs and projects in collaboration with the indigenous people of the Sacred Valley of Perú in an effort to improve their lives and reduce poverty in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Furthermore, we work to support local NGOs with whom we have shared values using the skills and tools we possess.