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For the Love of Choquecancha

Picking up from where Katie left off in the last blog, we are moving forward with the Social Enterprise project. For me personally, working for the first several weeks from the house in Calca on the supply chain and marketing side of the INKAcase project came to a new level during our first visit to […]

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Professional Milestones

 In choosing to begin a graduate program in International Development, I felt particularly drawn to the Monterey Institute of International Studies due to the special emphasis placed on language.  For a while now, I’ve sensed this growing desire to use my Spanish professionally and in a way that would satisfy some need for an organization, […]

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All About Team Peru: Summer Project Overview

Check out this video to learn more about Team Peru and the project opportunities for Summer 2012. Enjoy!  

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Who Changes Who

I’ve been blessed to travel across East Africa twice, to trek through Southeast Asia and the island of Australia, but I continue to be surprised by the power the world has to change me. Working with the women in Choquecancha has shown me once again what it is like to learn and grow in ways […]

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Reality Check

Sitting in the rural Peruvian community of Choquecancha in the center of the women’s weaving group, a sudden awareness strikes.  We are surrounded by buildings made primarily of mud and stone that seemingly could crumble with one good earth tremor, the bathroom is a small outdoor shack with a hole in the ground, our meals […]

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A New Approach to Development

The approach to development and social change in the United States has often times been ineffective and harmful to many of its recipients.  Having worked in a non-profit for two years in California, I was frequently told to withhold from becoming close to the people we serve.  Meaning, building strong connections with the communities we […]

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Food For Thought

  The nutrition and cooking classes have come to an end. I feel proud that we were able to start the conversation about nutrition in specific connection to the greenhouse. I see this as the beginning and hope to see more partnership with other organizations and schools to further the knowledge of nutrition and cooking […]

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Now We’re Cookin’

Tina and I are almost through our nutrition and cooking classes in Pampacorral and nearing the end of the classes in Poques; it has been a whirlwind. One goal of ours as the Health and Wellness team was to offer nutrition and cooking classes to the two communities where we have built greenhouses: Poques and […]

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First Aid with the Qhalis

5 am is starting to be the common hour to wake up these days. Life in Peru begins at dawn. I am starting to appreciate my early mornings and how much work can get done in one day if the time is spent productively. The past weeks I have been drawing many of the first […]

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The People of Totora

Vilma and another women named Sabina lead the way up another dirt road next to the river until we arrived to a shaky bridge that lead through a yard with some piglets and two goats. On the ground sat a man who was shaving the fur of a dried out goat skin. He had few […]

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Our mission is to provide and implement sustainable programs and projects in collaboration with the indigenous people of the Sacred Valley of Perú in an effort to improve their lives and reduce poverty in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Furthermore, we work to support local NGOs with whom we have shared values using the skills and tools we possess.