Howdy and welcome to my newwwwww BLOG! Aren’t I Cool! I’m in the information clouds (I thought they were tubes?). I’ll be musin bout all the crazy IT things hap’n with my pack, the ITS guys and gal. Don’t know how this thing’ll pan out. I’ll try anything, once (and in some cases, more times than is good for me). So let’s see if I can educate, informate, humorate and procrastinate. But let’s all keep it in persepective though…


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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Welcome to the blogging community! =) I love the premise of this blog. I think you should buy techdog.com and turn this into your digital persona.

  2. Goose the Moose says:

    techdog.com is already taken… but techbark.com is still available. 🙂

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