When Is Your Password Like Your Underwear?

ALL THE TIME! I don’t want see it, I don’t want know it, and worst of all, I don’t want to hear you showed it to somebody.

phishingA few weeks we got notice from the Alpha dogs that two MIIS email accounts had an unusually high amount of activity and had been blocked by the outgoing spam firewall. Following procedure they deactivated the accounts and advised us to check the computers of those users, believing their computers had been turned into ZOMBIES!

After contacting them, the two individuals graciously came in (they had no email access) and proffered their computers. No zombies. But in talking with them, they both admitted they had responded to a phishing message, and obediently sent in their passwords.

Please folks learn to sniff out phishing messages. It’s a basic skill all email users should have. Then when you think you’re hot, try this for fun.

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