E-Waste: ‘sGood, ‘sBad

Pile 'o ewasteThis is kinda what it looked like… , no this IS what it looked like next to ma main Dog’s desk before e-waste day (e-waste doesn’t stack well, how rude). We recently had a pick-up and, well, that’s always bright spot in our year. After a few months, our school tends to build up a pile of obsolete electronics. And if it’s a wire, has a wire attached to it, or is even a desk accessory associated with a wired device, it tends to end up in the IT suite (why is that???).

But Techdog can’t help but also feel a little sad over the accumulation of all this equipment. I love ma toys, but it’s bittersweet. Current regulations are trying to deal with the problem, but we’re far from saving the planet of it. Most of our waste ends up exported to countries where there is NO regulation.

In my purrfect world every county would have Wal-mart sized warehouses full of cats disassembling and properly recycling the recovered materials. Proceeds could benefit local animal shelters, with special attention paid to feline spay and neuter programs. Of course, there are recyclers in the US, but who can you trust? And this place just has to be honest.

We try though. Some equipment was adopted by a local tech, to be refurbished for his son’s school. That felt good. Supporting these guys might also be a good start.

Chicken a la Dell

Chicken a la Dell

To the right is a picture of a do-it-yourself project.
(I sure hope they removed the components before they started that fire.)

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